Estelle Lavin
Still Life
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  Still Life with Landscape  
  Still Life with Landscape
50” x 40”
Counterpoint Nymph with Fruit Framed
30” x 22”
Nymph with Fruit
36" x 15 1/2"
29” x 22”
Serenity Tulips with Delft Vase Pot of Gold
30” x 22 ½”
Tulips with Delft Vase
43” x 38”
Pot of Gold
31” x 25 ¾”
Welcome Tulips in Lemon Pitcher Harmony in Terra Cotta
Welcome —SOLD Tulips in Lemon Pitcher —SOLD  Harmony in Terra Cotta —SOLD
 Please contact the artist for more information.
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